Monday, May 25, 2015

Sea of Shadows

This book is such a trip. The world that the characters live in is thrilling and amazing. Every moment of this story is suspenseful and engaging. Kelley Armstrong does a wonderful job of bringing the characters and creatures alive in this novel. Her writing is well thought out and extremely compelling. I don't read a lot of fantasy, but this work won me over.

The story is of twin sisters, Moria and Ashyn. They are two of six people in their empire who can listen to the spirits. Their job is to protect the Forest of the Dead, and once a year to release the souls that are trapped there. Something has gone terribly wrong, and they are sent on a journey across the empire, in hopes they can save the lives of those who are trapped in an evil game. It's suspenseful and keeps the reader turning the page.

Moria is a stubborn girl who loves to train for battle. She's passionate about protecting those she loves, and has a huge amount of loyalty. If there is no logical way to do something, she makes her own way. She's courageous and very tough, but soon learns that she has a tender spot she'd like to pretend doesn't exist.

Ashyn is sweet and kind. She's sensitive, but braver than she thinks. She's the romantic in the family, but she's been raised to be sensible. She is extremely intelligent and loves to learn. Her charm is in her humility, and she would do absolutely anything for those she loves. She would face her biggest fears, just to find her sister.

Gavril is a bit of a bully. He likes to get his own way, and pushes people around to get it. He's handsome, and he knows it. When he finds himself stuck with Moria as a traveling companion, he begins to realize how good it is to be able to trust someone. They save each other's lives, and a sort of mutual respect begins to form.

Ronan is a thief, but a remorseful one. He does what he needs to survive. He wants to prove himself worthy of friendship, but he doesn't know how to do so. He tries to remain in the shadows, not wanting attention drawn to himself. But he's thrown into situations that leave him standing out like a sore thumb. He's surprisingly loyal, for a boy raised by thieves.

This book contains a number terrifying, well thought out creatures that have continued to haunt my dreams. They are magical and treacherous. Exactly the right speed for this fantasy piece. It's the perfect amounts of action and romance to keep a true book lover up all night.

Excited to share my thoughts on the second in the series,

Jackelyn Stange

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